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Client Comments

Just a brief note to thank you all for the repair/restoration of my family's Bybee pottery vase. It looked so horrible before but now, thanks to you, it is like new and a thing of beauty. Know how much I appreciate your skill and workmanship. It is a treasure! Many thanks,
- Jan - Ohio

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Crystal and Glass

Crystal and glass objects are more popular than ever. Your grandmother's crystal goblets, a Tiffany-style lampshade, or a valuable contemporary art glass piece—all are at risk when they're moved, cleaned, and used throughout the years.

Crystal & Glass
All of the before and after images are of actual items that we have repaired, restored and/or conserved.

Won't a Dab of Glue Do? Yikes!

We don't recommend it. Why? Commercial adhesives yellow, peel, and are just plain unsightly. And repeated applications of different glues actually causes further damage.

Damage to cut glass and crystal is especially frustrating when the piece is part of a set. Let us re-secure broken pieces and grind out small chips in your treasured glasses, goblets, vases, and pitchers. For opaque glass repair, we use new techniques and materials that allow us to make nearly invisible repairs.

Please contact us with any questions regarding your specific piece. We also offer these important

Suggestions for Helping You Preserve Your Crystal and Glass

  • When moving crystal and glass items, always carry one piece at a time. It is best to place your hands around the body of the object rather than using an existing handle, rim, or spout for support.
  • Be sure you have a level space of adequate size available to place the object, and a clear path to move, before removing the piece from its original location.
  • Carry objects from room to room or up and down stairs in a padded basket or box rather than in your hands.
  • Use soft padding to prevent your glass objects from clinking against each other.
Contact a conservator for intervention if:
  • Your item cracks.
  • Stemware needs to be repaired.
  • Parts are missing or broken in pieces.
  • Your item has been self-repaired in the past.
These suggestions are intended for guidance only. Wiebold Studio does not assume responsibility or liability.
for caring for your glass and crystal.

Swarovski Crystal Information

Unfortunately, Wiebold Studio does not repair Swarovski Crystal. Please contact Swarovski directly (info below) for repair information.

Swarovski North America Limited
1 Kenney Drive
Cranston, RI 02920

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